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Progressive Web Apps (PWA): Explain how your web development company can build a PWA that delivers a native app-like experience across all devices and platforms. Voice User Interface (VUI) Development: Showcase your ability to build VUIs, allowing users to interact with your website through voice commands and speech recognition technology.

API Development and Integration: Explain how your web development company can build APIs and integrate them into your clients' websites, enabling seamless data exchange with other applications and platforms. Data Analytics and Reporting: Provide information on how your web development company can incorporate data analytics and reporting features into your clients' websites, allowing them to track website performance, user behavior, and other important metrics.



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UI & UX Design

Generally, people associate the word design (when it comes to tech) only with visual design or web design. However, UX design, which stands for 'user experience design' focuses on the user or customer experience, and is the 'behind the scenes' or invisible side of design.


Web clients’ assumptions for sites are ceaselessly creating. At this point, not an incredible-looking site is sufficient, it should be intelligent, simple to deal with, and utilitarian as well.


marketing helps in increasing the brand value of any company. To do business, it is not necessary to create only websites and mobile applications.

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Welt Code Web has established in 2020. At that time it was small client base organization has a list of highly respected clients. Welt Code Web is the hub of high-quality, cost-efficient, trustworthy and result-driven web and e-commerce solutions for the clientele in a global range. As a web development company we have become very well known among clients. From font-end development to backend development, we are more advanced than others. Our web designing work is mind blowing. That’s why we stand out from the rest. We build all types of websites.

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Core PHP

Backend development, or server-side scripting, is all about what goes on behind the scenes. When you interact with a website in some way—for example, filling out a form and clicking “submit”—the frontend communicates this action to the backend. The backend responds by sending the relevant information to the frontend—for example, the code needed to display a message such as “Thank you for filling out this form”.

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Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that develops web applications using the MVC structure. Composer based MVC. Laravel uses an MVC structure that provides better documentation, improves performance, and offers several inbuilt functionalities. Eloquent ORM.

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CodeIgniter is a globally popular, open-source PHP framework, used for developing scalable websites and web apps. It allows CI developers to build fast, dynamic, and robust solutions for a multiple number of industries. Being based on MVC structure, it helps CI experts to create smart and engaging CI solutions.

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Angular JS

AngularJS Web Application Development gives a solid set of solution to the client side applications. AngularJS features like form validation, dependencies and data binding gives an interconnected set of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application is build using AngularJS. Directory layouts speed the applications.

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Node JS

Node. js development is designed to easily create fast and scalable web applications and develop solutions for high-traffic needs. It offers a wide range of advantages: Easy to learn: Since most developers already know JavaScript, it's easy to get started using Node. js without much of a learning curve.

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A WordPress developer is a type of web developer. They specialize in building websites with WordPress. They are also full-stack developers, meaning they can develop the front-end and back-end of a website. A WordPress developer may be hired to enhance the WordPress software or build a custom website for a client.

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A development store is a free Shopify account that comes with a few limitations. You can use a development store to test any themes or apps that you create, or to set up a Shopify account for a client. Setting up a development store and transferring it to a client gives you a recurring commission.

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HubSpot consistently drives innovation in the field of web development. It is a mighty editor having a simplistic nature and fun to use. In a HubSpot COS and CMS development, we develop the product or service tailored to your business requirements, that takes your business to brand-new heights. Marketing with HubSpot is impeccable as it facilitates the most advanced inbound marketing tools.

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Kartra is an online platform that facilitates shopping-cart, email marketing, list building, web hosting, business management, and whatnot. It is a dream tool for marketers! It connects everything on a single platform for sound management. It works on a drag-and-drop sequence builder that can allow you to create campaigns, automate emails, add customers to your subscription lists, and many more.

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Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform designed to help organizations build websites and landing pages, streamline payments and marketing automation, and more. Key features include marketing emails, ready-to-use templates, advanced automation, chat support, code editor, and webinars and events.

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A click funnel is a series of pages that lead to a conversion event. Prospects often enter a click funnel through a link on a social media post, a paid search ad or an email. That link takes the prospect to a landing page specific to a product or service your business sells.

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